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Myths about Covid 19

Don’t believe on the Myths about Covid-19-be aware and do not compromise with the safety of yours and your family

Myths in circulation regarding the COVID-19 epidemic are leading number of people to behave in such ways that could jeopardize their health and the health of others.

Myths about Covid 19
Be Aware

  • Although Covid-19 and Flu both damages the respiratory organs still they are different.
  • Infected person shows 3 symptoms like Dry cough, fever, and fatigue in early stage, even though those symptoms might be very mild in some cases
  • Although aged or older people and those who have weak immune system are at greatest risk for the complications, younger people or infants can have complication from Covid-19.
  • There is an Idiom” prevention is better than cure” so washing your hands properly avoid touching face ,eyes and social distancing are the best way to protect yourself from virus  

All data and statistics are based on publicly available data at the time of publication. Some information may be out of date

In spite of the increasing numbers of corona virus infected  patients and death reported by World Health Organization (WHO), Number of people are not taking it seriously

“A infectious disease on the extent of what a novel virus like SARS-CoV-2 could end up being has not happened since the influenza pandemic of 1918  because of which near about 50 million or more individuals lost their lives worldwide

“Since few folks were around then, and provided medical advances within the variety of precautionary vaccines and antiviral medications since that point, it’s exhausting for North American nation to imagine that a ‘flu-like’ health problem might be such harmful.”

As Most of Americans try to understand the immensity of COVID-19, recognizing false information can be problematic.

Below mention is the truth about 5 most common myths of the pandemic from experts.

Myths about Covid 19
Do not Believe on false information 

Myth 1: Covid-19 is just another flu

Because of flu many people die each year, but the fact that we have a vaccine and more awareness about the virus makes it a more understandable illness.

Although normal flu takes lives each year, but we should keep one thing in our mind that for normal flu we have vaccine and more awareness about the virus which makes it more understandable illness. On other hand for Covid-19 no vaccine has been prepared yet and the knowledge which we have about corona virus is very scarce

So normal Flu virus and Corona virus are not similar Covid-19 could be fatal.

However influenza and Covid-19 both have similar disease presentation, like both counted as a respiratory diseases, viruses attacks the respiratory organs in both case and shows wide range of sickness and from mild symptoms to severe disease and death , mode of transmission is same for both viruses so same public health measures required

Difference between both viruses is speed of transmission the time from when a person got infected till symptoms are 3 days where as for Covid-19 it is 5-6 days however influenza can spread faster than Covid-19

In case of  COVID-19, data to date suggest that 80%  infected persons show  mild symptoms or asymptomatic, 15% infected person got severe infection, where as oxygen  required and 5% are critical cases, where need of ventilation arise. These proportions of severe and critical infection of corona virus infection would be higher than the observations collected for influenza infection.

Most critical part is that for Covid-19 the information about the virus behavior is very scarce and there is no effective medicine available however for other flu viruses our doctors have enough knowledge and also antiviral are available 

Myth 2: Only older people get infected by Covid-19

Whereas Maximum infected people develop mild or uncomplicated illness, according to WHO  reports 14% infected persons developed severe disease and need  hospitalization , where as only 5% ending um requiring ICU(intensive care unit)

However it is true that older people and those who have weak immune system are at greatest risk but we cannot say that younger people are entirely safe

Indeed, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that in the United States, 1/3 portion of almost 2,500 people with COVID-19 whose ages were known, were 20 to 44 years old. It is observed that fair number of younger individuals especially below 60s in their 30s and 40s are found deeply affected, critically ill, on respirators and requiring more attention and medical care

 In America it is found that younger patients those got Covid-19 are overweight and have high blood pressure, unmanaged diabetes, or heart disease.

All people should understand that this is a viral disease which does not show partiality whether person is young or old. Any person who get in touch with the virus or infectious person will get infection. And if that person found he developed severe disease he should seek medical care 

Myth 3: Nothing can be done until a vaccine is invented

Doctors said that it would approximately take 6 to 14 months get an effective vaccine. Once the medicine becomes available, time would be required to check and understood how effective it is.

However doctors are trying to focus on other medication to potentially treat Covid-19 symptoms and it is important they are focusing on medications that can ease the body’s inflammatory reaction to infection

It becomes our duty to be safe and follow authority’s guidelines it is true that prevention is better than cure” so washing your hands properly avoid touching face, eyes and social distancing are the best way to protect yourself from virus 

Myth 4: The virus is a biological weapon and made by humans

Whereas virus (Corona) that causes COVID-19 is new, other viruses of Corona Family(similar to Corona at some extent) have became responsible for health problems in humans in recent years, including those caused  SARS and MERS.

Studies tell that Apart from these viruses there are certain viruses found in bats genetically which are capable of causing further Health related problems or could be responsible for further pandemics.

“To think corona virus as a biological weapon  that escaped control or something like it is manmade is totally foolishness till WHO or other big authorities would not state the same regarding corona virus.

We should understand that there are other living things around us among those bats are one and viruses are living inside those living things. We have to face the fact that this is the world and accept the Reality that we have certain risks or weakness to survive on such crowded planet

Having a belief in a conspiracy theory about COVID-19 may not be all that exceptional though. It is observed that about 50 percent of Americans believe in some sort of conspiracy theory and there are reasons why people easily believe in conspiracy theories, there is evidence which shows that conspiracy theories are rooted in suspicion doubts or mistrust. People should trust only authentic source of information –Based on experiences, political affiliation or whatever if they would not trust those sources then they become exposed to misinformation. Needless to say there is abundance of wrong information or partial information out there specially the flourish online.

Myth 5: The government and scientists are not providing correct or full information

Doctors and scientist said that if people would not trust institutions or authorities such as WHO (World health organization) and CDC (Centers of disease control and prevention) it could be problematic.

Many people develop the belief that our governments and scientists are not showing us the real picture of what is going on. Those people are thinking that our governments and doctors are just spreading rumors about the Covid-19 they are not ready to understand that it is a fatal disease because of which they are not staying in their houses they are not ready to follow authorities instruction.

Because of this misconception in America situation turns worse from bad and millions of died with Covid-19

In many countries number of people are thinking that media is just inducing panic. People should understand that if organization like WHO and CDC are saying something then there must be precautions required and it is truly a fatal disease

Be aware and protect yourself

It is an urge to people that they must listen to the recommendations set by experts, such as washing the hands frequently, avoiding touching your eyes and face without hand wash , and maintaining proper distance from others (at least 1 meter).

Make a habit of exercise as corona virus directly attacks the respiratory organs so it is suggested to do breathing exercises which makes lungs stronger. Get enough sleep, and find ways to relive stress. If you have a Chronic Medical Problem, work to manage it as much as possible

It is suggested to eat those foods which boosts immunity, consume foods which contains Vitamin –C. avoid to eat street food or unhygienic and unhealthy food

Cover your face with bent elbow whenever you are going to sneeze or cough.

 Do not get out from your home till you will not have any emergency or need. Do not visit places where there is gathering or crowd






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