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Food and Nutrients

The distinction between Food and Nutrients

The majority people don’t really recognize that there’s a distinction between food and nutrition. However, it seems that we’re wrong; the distinction among both words isn't one thing that ought to be taken gently.

Food is the stuff that we tend to eat and drink for energy and to remain alive. On the opposite hand, nutrition may be a a part of food that's employed by our cells and metabolized by the body to form all the contributions that our body desires.

Eating Healthy🥗

Food and Nutrients
Eat Healthy

We can say Food is what we eat when we are hungry and even when we are not hungry and Nutrition is what our body needs on a daily basis to stay healthy

Contrary to what one may suppose, we don’t want food to operate properly......we really need nutrition.
For all living things, from plants to humans, food is crucial for survival. we'd like to be good and check that to fuel ourselves with the correct reasonably food so as to induce the most effective from our bodies and minds. sensible nutrition will additionally foreclose diseases and scale back the physical impacts of stress and a busy life.

That’s why we'd like to be proactive concerning what we tend to eat. Before Eating something, raise yourself if it’s getting to add nutrition to your body or take one thing away. Try to exclude the processed foods from your diet and focus more on foods that are nutritious, like oats, and contain many nutrients that other foods do not have , ‎such as protein and vitamins.‎

We don’t need food to function. We need nutrition.” ----

 Because here’s the factor. You eat breakfast, lunch, dinner a number of snacks in between, perhaps you grab some sweet once the children square measure in bed and you’re coiled on the couch catching informed tv, reading your book or checking your emails. You’ve been uptake food all day.

And that’s great! you would like food to survive. nobody is debating that the least bit.

What I’M spoken language is, we'd like to fuel ourselves with the correct style of food to induce the most effective from our bodies and minds and additionally to push back chronic diseases and therefore the physical impacts of stress and a busy life.

We need nutrition.We can say nutrition is the building Material for our good and Healthy Body. If a person is not taking good nutrition then chances of his ill health are more. 

Here is one among my favorite quotes.- :Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Hippocrates is widely known because the father of contemporary drugs which quote right there that’s why.

There was a time once the food we tend to Ate was a proactive thanks to push back unwellness and check that all pistons in our body were firing properly. Now, due to decades of overwhelming over-processed foods, convenience and junk foods and drinks that square measure high in sugar or maybe food and drink that's created of entirely synthetic ingredients (!!!!!) we tend to square measure currently REACTING and victimization food lifestyles (ie Paleo, I Quit Sugar etc) to show the symptoms of this consumption around.

 So let’s get PROACTIVE once more.

1. Before you put anything in your mouth ask yourself if it’s going to add nutrition to your body or take something away

 2. Try to eat Natural food which provide natural nutrients

 3. Cut out processed foods. There is a McDonald's burger in Iceland that is still perfectly formed nearly 20 years after it was served. Yeah, that stuff isn’t going to break down in your body people!

Food and Nutrients
Eat Healthy

4. Nutrition doesn’t mean deprivation. If you've got a appetite or you’re not willing to forgo your nightly dessert just yet, there are always alternatives.


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